Can Guinea Pigs Eat bread

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Bread?

Bread is a good source of carbohydrate and calcium, so it is good for us and we can consume as much as we want. As we already know that Bread is good for us humans, but that truly does not mean that it would be good for our Guinea pigs as well. Although we can surely give bread to them they should be fed in moderation only. But can Guinea pigs eat Bread too? Let’s find out!

Is Bread a Good Food for Guinea Pigs?

Well, Yes, Guinea Pigs can eat bread but only in small amounts because although it is rich in carbohydrate and calcium it is not rich in other nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which your guinea pig needs.

Why You Should Feed Bread to Your Guinea Pig?

Although in some ways bread is harmful to guinea pigs. But in some ways, it should be considered healthy for your guinea pig as well. For example, fibre is very important for our guinea pig as it helps in digestion and helps in controlling the blood sugar levels.

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Why You Should Not Feed Bread to Your Guinea Pig?

Well, now we are done with the positives of feeding bread to your guinea pig but now lets come to the negative part as to why we should avoid feeding bread to our guinea pigs.

First, we all love our pets and want to spend more time with them. But we should not want to do that by decreasing the life expectancy of our little pets. Bread contains high amounts of phosphorus in it and according to a study, it is very well known that this mineral can decrease the lives of our pets.

Second, Bread has traces of calcium present in it which is harmful to your pet and can cause bladder stones in guinea pig’s body. And we all know how painful can it be for our guinea pigs.

Third, we all love chubby animals whether it is a guinea pig or any other animal, we find them cute. But here do we think about their weight? Think about it. We humans also don’t take obesity as a good thing because obesity whether in humans or animals is not healthy. So we should give our guinea pigs such a diet that does not make them overweight. As it might raise a lot of health issues also. Bread is rich in carbohydrates and also calories.

Fourth, it is observed that Bread lacks essential nutrients that have a direct impact on the growth of organs inside the Guinea Pig’s Body. So there is no need to feed your little friend with something which does not directly impact its health.

Lastly, we should remember that our guinea pigs are lactose intolerant. That means, they cannot absorb dairy products and bread contains dairy so if we feed bread to them they will probably not be able to digest it and this will, in turn, upset their stomach.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Crackers?

No, never!! Although Guinea pigs can eat bread occasionally they should never eat cracker that is the most terrible version of bread for your guinea pig. It contains a lot of calories which is not at all good for your guinea pig. It can increase the risk of a lot of diseases, especially of the heart. And as humans, we know that’s very unhealthy for them. It might lead to a heart attack which can be a lot of risk in their lives.

How to Feed Bread to Your Guinea Pig Properly?

As I already told you that bread is not much of a benefit for your guinea pig. So you should feed them bread in small amounts by doing the pieces of the bread and only feed that much amount which is sufficient for them.

Do not feed them bread every day because it can be harmful to their health.

Some Alternatives to Bread for Guinea Pigs

These are some of the alternatives to Bread for your Guinea pig:

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So, in the end, I would like to say that Guinea pigs can eat bread but I highly recommend not giving them bread so much as it can be unhealthy for your Guinea pig. Although you can feed them bread in a small amount in a few months that would be sufficient for them.

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