can guinea pigs eat cucumbers

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumbers?

It doesn’t matter how small your guinea pig is, you must have observed that it is always hungry, always ready to eat. Guinea pigs are herbivores in nature and that is why prefer grass, hay, Greens, or occasional fruits to eat. in this article, we will discuss whether cucumber can be given to these unsatisfiable small cavies.

All of us know that cucumber is nothing but water, more than 90% of the cucumber is made up of water. Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumbers? Is It safe for your guinea pig to consume cucumber? As a writer, I will tell you both the pros and cons of feeding cucumber to your small cavy.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumbers?

Yes! Guinea pigs can eat cucumber, they are fond of food items that are crunchy and juicy. This may contain carrots, leafy green vegetables and stems. Cucumber is both crunchy and full of juice so you can be sure that a guinea pig will enjoy eating cucumber.

Just like humans, even Guinea pigs cannot create their vitamins and minerals. Even after being 90% of water, cucumber has been known to be a great source of vitamin C, vitamin K, and potassium. They also contain a small amount of vitamin A, fibre magnesium and manganese.

The most important vitamins that a guinea pig need is vitamin C. If a guinea pig does not have enough diet for vitamin C, it may suffer from a disease called scurvy. Symptoms of scurvy include a lack of energy, slow healing and loss of appetite. If any such symptoms occur you should consult a veterinary doctor for help.

Guinea Pigs can eat Cucumber.

Why Should You Feed Cucumber To Your Guinea Pig?

Cucumber can be a good treat for a guinea pig, especially on a hot day, since cucumber is made up of mostly water it can dehydrate the Guinea pig’s body. The roughage can help in preventing diarrhoea. The owner must make sure that the cucumber is
pesticide-free. All the vegetables should be once soaked in vinegar water to remove any harmful objects upon it.

Why Should You Not Feed Cucumber To Your Guinea Pig?

Well, I have already mentioned that cucumber is made up of a lot of water content. Excessive consumption of any food item can lead to a side effect. Eating too much of a cucumber can lead to bloating in the cavy’s body. Excessive cucumbers can lead to digestive problems and upset stomach. Cucumber also contains calcium, which is not at all beneficial for a guinea pig, excessive calcium can lead to bladder stones for a guinea pig which is both painful and harmful. cucumber can be a trade but the major portion of the food shall be consisting of green leafy vegetables which are a good source of vitamin C.

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How To Feed Cucumber To Your Guinea Pig Properly?

Many owners try peeling off the outer skin to make sure that the guinea pig does not eat any pesticide. Honestly, I do not recommend this method because a guinea pig enjoys the peel more than the leftover parts. The peel contains most of the vitamins. Another question that arises over here is whether the guinea pig can eat cucumber seeds or not. Just like the cucumber a guinea pig can eat the cucumber seeds as well, they will benefit most from eating the denser part of any vegetable. You must keep in mind the following points while feeding cucumber to your little friend:

  • A fresh Cucumber is always preferable for consumption
  • Cucumber should be made a part of the diet by putting it in a salad along with green veggies.
  • Add some small pieces along with the water source.

How Many Times Should Cucumbers Be Fed To Guinea Pigs?

Cucumbers should be fed to the guinea pig once or twice a week. it should be a supplement to the normal diet and not a major portion of the diet. The cucumber shalby and intermittent treat along with the standard died of the herbivorous hay and the green leafy vegetables that the guinea pig eats daily. There is a chance that your guinea pig may be allergic to cucumber, and magically, you, of course, cannot know about it. If your guinea pig shows symptoms of diarrhoea, a bad stomach, or weakness after eating any particular food item that was not fed earlier, you should not only stop the consumption of the particular food item but should also consult a veterinary doctor.


  1. Cucumber is an easily available and an inexpensive food item to be fed to the guinea pig. Since cucumber is both juicy and crunchy, the guinea pig will Surely like it. A Guinea pig will Surely like the Cucumber peel more than the inner part for it is hard to crack, but you should also feed it with the inner parts of the cucumber because denser the part of the vegetable more is the minerals and vitamins.
  2. There are almost no harmful side effects for excessive mineral build-up from overeating the cucumber. The cucumber even though has a large content of water contains a lot of vitamin C. A vitamin which is extremely important for the guinea-pig else it may suffer from a disease called scurvy. The cucumber can be e helpful on a hot day for dehydrating the guinea pig.
  3. During the summer vacations, you can board cucumber pieces along with the water body for the guinea pig to consume. refrigerated fresh and cool cucumber can release your guinea pig with the flow of coolness. the cucumber ensures that the body is not heated and can be a great source of food during the summers given it is not overfed.
  4. Cucumber is 90% water; you must be sure to wash off the pesticides from the cucumber before serving it to the guinea pig. Cucumber just like strawberries contains a lot of pesticides upon their body which can be poisonous for the guinea pig to consume that is why the owner must be sure to wash off the pesticides before serving to the guinea pig, one such way of washing the pesticides is to put the cucumber into vinegar solution before feeding.

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