Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peaches

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peaches?

Peach is considered to be one of the favourite fruits of both animals and humans. It is loved by both of them. It can change up anyone’s mood from bad to good. It acts as a stress reliever for many of them.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peaches?

Yes! For sure they can eat a peach. They are a great source of vitamins and minerals. But remember one thing don’t serve them too much. Anything eaten beyond the limit is harmful to your health. And same goes for guinea pigs, if you serve them peach a lot then it can cause some diseases like mouth sour, fungal infection, etc.

Why Should You Feed Peach To Your Guinea Pig?

Peaches are ok for your guinea pigs. We all know that when we want to feed our guinea pig food, we try to serve something which has low calcium content and high vitamin content, which is a perfect combination of a good diet for your guinea pigs.

It also has traces of vitamin c which makes it even a better choice for you to feed guinea pigs peaches as it will help in maintaining their immunity system. Also, they have iron, magnesium, and other minerals present in peach which is also good for their diet.


Why Should You Not Feed Peach To Your Guinea Pigs?

Every food has its negatives. The same thing goes for peach although it is beneficial for guinea pigs but can also be harmful in many ways. It has a high amount of acid with high sugar content present in it. And we know high sugar content is not good for guinea pigs.

Also, the guinea pigs have a sensitive body so food that contains high amounts of acid is harmful to their body. Guinea pigs also have a high risk of having obesity, diabetes, etc. so you must not feed them peaches too much. They also have a high risk of having diarrhoea.

What are the Edible Parts of a Peach for Guinea Pigs?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peach Skin?

Yes, Guinea pigs can eat the peach skin and there is no harm in that. They can nibble them once a while. They can even munch the entire peach with the skin without having any difficulty.

Just make sure that the peaches are homegrown otherwise they might have traces of chemical fertilizers and pesticides which can be harmful to your guinea pigs. Do wash it before serving them.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peach Pit?

No, Guinea pigs cannot eat peach pit because it is hard and is big so it would be impossible for them to chew it. So, you will first have to remove it before serving it to them.

Even if they chew it a little bit also it might be a time of a nightmare as the pit has traces of cyanide in it which are harmful to your guinea pigs. So, it would be highly recommendable for you to remove it before serving them.


Can Guinea Pigs Eat Canned Peaches?

No, Guinea pigs cannot eat canned peaches. It would not be safe at all for you to serve canned peaches to your guinea pig. If they eat them, they can be very harmful to your guinea pigs. You must know that canned peaches contain chemicals and preservatives to increase their shelf lives which can harm your guinea pigs a lot.

Although till now there is no harm reported till now that can be maybe because the owners are well aware of what to feed and what not to feed our guinea pigs.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dried Peaches?

Yes! Guinea pigs can eat dried peaches but it would be best for you to avoid it because they contain a lot more sugar than the regular peaches so we know it might lead to health diseases like obesity, diabetes to guinea and you very well know that might not be good for them.
Instead of that, you can best serve them with other fruits and vegetables.

How To Feed Peach To Your Guinea Pig?

There are just a few simple steps to follow before feeding your Guinea pigs:

  1. Just make sure that the peach skin is washed thoroughly to get rid of any chemicals or pesticides.
  2. Cut the peach into small slices. Just ensure that they are not too large because it might harm guinea pig if they overeat them.
  3. As I’ve told you above remove the pit from the peach, they are not at all good for your guinea pig.
  4. Now just serve them in a bowl or container and don’t forget to remove the uneaten food it can be harmful to them.

Alternatives To Peach For Guinea Pigs

  • Apple
  • Oranges
  • Pears
  • Mangoes
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Are White Peaches Better Than Regular Peaches?

White peach is low in acid content but very sweet. So, when taken taste-wise it is nice but health wise it is not beneficial for guinea pigs.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Bananas?

Yes, Guinea pigs can eat bananas for sure! They are good when taken as a treat.


It can simply be said that peaches are safe for guinea pigs to eat. But make sure to remove the pit and wash the peach before serving them to your guinea pigs. Peach has vitamin c content in it which is very good for the health of guinea pig and also some iron, potassium, and minerals which also contribute to its health.

Please make sure not to serve them dried peach as they can be harmful to them. Just a few precautions and delicious peaches are available for your guinea pig.

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