Can Guinea Pigs Eat Rabbit Food

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Rabbit Food? Understanding the Differences and Considerations

Why Should You Not Feed Rabbit Food To Your Guinea Pigs?

Apart from some foods not having vitamin c content present in them, there are also some more reasons for not feeding rabbit food to guinea pigs:

  1. Some of the rabbit foods are hard and they can cause choking problems to guinea pigs. Some of the foods like seeds and nuts are hard to chew so our cute pets might choke and can cause harm to their life as well. And trust me I have been through such a situation with my guinea pig and I understand how life-threatening it can be. The rabbit and guinea pigs have a different structure overall.
  2. Rabbit foods can also cause allergic reactions to the guinea pig’s body as you must know that guinea pig’s immune system is not that strong that is also the reason they need a permanent supply of vitamin C and that can also be the reason they are so much prone to diseases. And this allergic reaction can cause vomiting and even diarrhoea in their body which will cause their health to deteriorate.
    Although even if he eats such type of food don’t worry you can give them lots of water and take them to a vet immediately.
  3. Sometimes you must also have seen that most rabbits are chubby. One of the reasons might be that most of the food that rabbits eat contains lots of fat and protein. And both of them in large amounts is dangerous for guinea pigs. They can pose a greater risk to their health and can also make their cardiovascular system week. And you wouldn’t want them to grow like this right? Fat and also weak. You would want to provide them with a proper meal and a balanced diet.
  4. Rabbit foods lack various nutrients which can cause disease and deformities in the health of guinea pigs. And not to forget the scurvy illness which is caused by a deficiency in vitamin c and you know how essential vitamin c is for guinea pigs. Also, another problem with eating rabbit food is the lack of growth, especially in bones. Rabbit food lacks vitamin k which will provide your guinea pigs with enough calcium for the growth of guinea pigs.
  5. Rabbit food contains some antibiotics that can be harmful to the guinea pigs which is a very big problem. Like penicillin is an antibiotic which when goes into your guinea pigs’ mouth even can lead to their death. So, you can see the seriousness of the situation for not allowing your guinea pigs to eat rabbit food.
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Alternatives To Rabbit Food For Guinea Pigs

  • Carrot tops
  • Cabbage
  • Kohlrabi
  • Curly kale

Can Guinea Pigs Have Rabbit Food Temporarily?

No, Guinea pigs cannot even have rabbit food temporarily. You should be aware of the fact that eating rabbit food could only worsen your guinea pig’s health.

Are Rabbits And Guinea Pig Pellet The Same?

Yes! They are almost the same except for the fact that rabbit pellet lacks vitamin c.

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